Live Gently on the Earth

Guided by ethical principles and being conscious of our impact on the world around us, our goal is to run our screen printing and design business in a sustainable manner.  Wherever possible we strive to us only natural materials and water based inks. Our desire is to create quality products that are Eco-friendly and beautiful to wear.  We want our footprint on this earth to be soft.  

We are not perfect, and there are still aspects of our company that we would like to make more Eco-friendly.  Listed below are some of the practices that we are currently using in the production of our garments.



 We recycle and reuse boxes and packaging materials.

Even though it looks pretty, we try to avoid excessive wrapping that will end up in the landfill.


    When cleaners are needed, we use water base and solvent free products.

    To reduce water consumption we use pressure washers for all wet cleanup.


   Whenever possible we use natural fiber materials.  

We encourage our customers to wash garments in cold water and hang to dry,

  this method is both better for the environment and the longevity of the garments.



  – Cindy Eisbrenner

Our Team

screen printer, artist, enviromentally friendly, earthWe are a husband wife team who love to spend time together.  With the Canadian Rockies in our backyard, we enjoy spending much of the summer months hiking and biking with our family.  We are the parents to three amazing and adventurous young adults.  Family is very important to us, and so is the beautiful world around us.  We love nature and want to help keep it beautiful.  Together we love gardening and eating the delicious homegrown produce. Eating is always a great pastime to share.  

We love the Earth; it is our home.       



Martin, who has his Bachelors in Education, is a Journeyman Carpenter and Carpentry Instructor.  Martin has always been a creative individual.  His curious nature and love of learning has allowed him to become successful in many creative fields.   He is an accomplished carpenter, photographer, and an overall cool dude.


Cindy has been a home educator for the past sixteen years.  Her love of learning and creative passion for teaching has made her journey very successful.   For the past ten years Cindy has been involved in fine arts, working mainly in graphite and charcoal realism.  Her art focus was, and to some extent still is, in portraiture and nature.  Cindy also enjoys working with design, layouts, and hand-lettering.   Her creative side and art experience has enabled her to start an apparel screen printing design business. 

Cindy is also passionate about martial arts (a third dan in Shotokan karate) and yoga (newbie).  She has made fitness an important aspect of her life.  Many of her t-shirt designs reflect these features.


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