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Manga Blue – My Daughter’s Art

December Treat

Blue Hair - Manga
Manga Blue

I enjoy the beautiful bold colors that my daughter uses in her art pieces.  It is always a treat for me to add a colored art piece to my site, since most of my work is in black and white.  The photograph of her art work does not show it as well as the original piece, but I love the different values of blues she was able to create with her Copic markers.

Well done Rae!

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New Gallery – Rae’s Gallery

My Daughter’s Art

It is fun and exciting to watch my teenage daughter’s artistic skills grow.  Thanks to her love for art, she draws or paints on a daily basis.  With this daily practice, there is no wonder that her skill level is taking great leaps forward.  I thought it would be fun to add a gallery of her work to my home page.

Can you tell Rae is a Lord of the Rings fan?


Gandalf the White

Gandalf the White

Chalk Pastels on Black Paper.

 This is the first piece added to her gallery.