Renaissance Château

Cervená Lhota, or red village, is a beautiful renaissance château located in Czech Republic.  Normally the castle or château would appear a vibrant red color, but since I wanted to play with reflection and charcoal it is just black and white.  Since doing this drawing  I thought it would be fun to do a similar sketch using the rich clay, terracotta colors of contè crayons.

Cervena Lhota (2)

19 x 24 Charcoal

 To see what the château really looks like check out Château Cervená Lhota.



The Cooler Side

Banff, Alberta, Canada

…one of my favorite places to visit for many reasons:  beautiful breathtaking scenery for myself and my husband, quaint little gift shops for my girls, and an awesome candy store for my son.

12 x 18 Charcoal Sketch on blue-tinted paper

I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds us, whether prairie or mountain, sky or earth, old or new – all you have to do is stop and look (or maybe I should say see). 🙂 Inspired after a trip to Banff I decided it was time to try sketch a landscape.   I have to say that it was an experiment and I never intended to finish it.  I wanted to know what effect black and white charcoal would have on blue-tinted paper. When I started the sketch I struggled with the cold feeling.  I really wanted to add brown tones to warm up the sketch, but refrained and I’m glad I did.  I enjoy the cool feel it created.  It fits with our week in Alberta – cold and snow! 🙂